Designing and building has traditionally provided many benefits to clients thanks to the simplified contract with one entity and being able to fast-track work due to the close relationship between the designer and builder. However, the problem with this approach is that many contractors either specialize as designers or builders and not both.

At J&J Construction, our years of experience as a construction manager allow us to provide design and build services that have a strong foundation. We use this same experience to collaborate with our design crew to help form an integrated design and build team that is customized to your needs.




Finishing a basement is an excellent way to increase the size of your residence without the stress and pain of looking for a new place to move your family.

For people who love their home and neighborhood, finishing your basement may be the way to go. 

We provide a full range of design/build services for your new basement. We can relocate utilities to provide a more open concept and improve the flow and functionality of your space.

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In what way do you see yourself using your kitchen? This is one of the first questions we ask our clients as it plays a major role in helping create a design that you’ll love.

Are you a very busy person and want a kitchen that makes cooking simple? Will your kitchen space be a place where your grandkids can help make pies? Do you plan to host dinner parties with friends and loved ones there? Knowing your lifestyle is the key to adding the much-needed function for your new kitchen.

Our design team at J&J Construction is ready to help you with your kitchen renovation goals.



Remodeling and renovating your bathroom is an ideal way to give your property a fresh new look. When done right, bathroom remodels can lead to a great return on investment.

At J&J Construction, we have an expert team that is equipped to take on any bathroom remodel project. You don’t need to look for contractors to get this job done as we’re your one-stop solution for your remodeling needs.

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Our flooring services are the best solution you can get when it comes to the installation and repair of most types of floor materials, including vinyl, hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, laminate, and more.

J&J Construction’s home improvement experts are trained, experienced, and insured. You can count on us for a worry-free solution for all of your flooring projects.



Replacing your old windows with new designs is one of the best things you as a homeowner can do to enhance the appearance and energy efficiency of your home. Not only that, but you can also increase your property’s value when you have new windows installed.

Several factors affect the average cost of a window replacement service. Things such as the type of window to install and the size are taken into account.

To get an accurate job estimate, call us at J&J Construction and give us the details of your window replacement project.

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